Kateryna Saraieva

Kateryna Saraieva

+47 482 46 753


Kateryna has a master degree in Computer Science and background in system development, architecture and team leadership.

She has 15 years experience in design and development of IT-solutions in contract management and financing areas. With main knowledge in C#, .Net, RESTapi, React, Javascript og Agile development processes she is a team player who focus on delivering of high quality results and enjoy interaction and cooperation with others.

Kateryna is from Ukraine and moved to Norway in 2013. In free time she enjoys painting and sketching, as well as hiking and playing tennis.

She joined Sonat because she would like to expand the network, is not afraid of responsibilities and always enthusiastic to learn more and undertake new challenges.

Min ekspertise

Systemutvikling, teamledelse, arkitektur

    Vi ønsker Kateryna velkommen til Sonat i Bergen!

    Vi ønsker Kateryna Saraieva velkommen til Sonat i Bergen. Hun har sin bakgrunn fra systemutvikling, teamledelse og arkitektur. Hun har designet og utviklet løsninger innen kontraktshåndtering og bank og føler seg hjemme på MS-plattformen og når hun kan jobbe agilt.

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